Saroj is a British Indian artist creating sculptures and installations, reimaging worlds of unidentified organisms and inviting viewers to engage in non-human narratives that evoke imaginative and sensory experiences and generate possibilities in which new relations, ideas and connections can emerge.

Saroj’s practice is routed in anxieties of past and future cultural narratives and she aims to create dialogues of a more hopeful and inclusive future for all communities and life forms. Taking inspiration from her own hybrid cultural background, her work transitions from one culture to another depending on the environment, sometimes it’s celebratory and other times confrontational, creating the space for both to exist on mutual ground.

Her work attempts to reflect the vibrancy and tensions between diverse cultures and takes inspiration from themes within nature; biodiversity, symbioses, mutation, co-habitation and ecology in order to investigate possible cultures in imagined futures, exploring existence as a multi species process, as all living and non-living entities are interrelated and interconnected.

She plays with concepts of reality, as physical things are in a constant process of changing and evolving, she examines how interrelated events, relationships with each other and objects constitute reality. It is these relations which are at the core of her work, and she is constantly enquiring about the human mind, consciousness and seeking to understand human behaviour.

Saroj has created participatory workshops at Tate Exchange and with disadvantaged communities in India. She has collaborated with the Science Museum London for an installation in their Wonderlab exhibition. During 2019 Saroj was awarded The Other Art Fair Graduate Art Prize and the Tension Fine Art Gallery Prize, and was shortlisted for the Tiffany & Co. x Outset Studiomakers Prize 2019 and a finalist of the Hix Award 2019.

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