My practice is informed by my research and interest into themes of nature, biodiversity, symbioses, hybridity, evolution, mutation, co-habitation and ecology. I’m interested in how we relate and co-exist with living entities at a time of environmental degradation.

I’m interested in unpredictable relationships in nature, symbiotic systems, and thinking of existence as a multi species process, as all living and non-living entities are interrelated and interconnected.

I’m inspired by detail, intricacies, colour and aliveness within nature, and how being surrounded by the natural world can impact my sense of well being, imagination and question my identity of what it means to be a human life form. In my practice I aim to create sculptures, installations and sound that engage others in non-human narratives that evoke imaginative and sensory experiences and generate possibilities in which new relations, ideas and connections can emerge. I see my practice as a reaction to what I find and experience in nature, something that comes from within.

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