My practice is informed by my research and interest in issues concerning the current ecological and political climate. I’m fascinated by how we, as a self-conscious species, relate to non-human animals and objects at a time of ecological crisis. My ecological awareness is informed by object-orientated ontology, anthropology and environment studies.

My Indian cultural background with its magic and mythology themes informs my work. Its exuberant colour, textured materials and rich tradition of storytelling also act as a source of inspiration.

I use a variety of materials and processes to create sculptures, installations, paintings, videos and performances. I like to work with materials which are readily accessible and, if possible, recycled. I explore my subject matter through a process-led methodology, which allows my artwork to take on new shapes and meanings as it develops and evolves.

I enjoy engaging the viewer through interaction, whether through touch and play or experimentation and creativity. During both the processes of making and exhibiting my work, I aim to create new and unpredictable cycles of thought and associations such that magical creatures are born, transitions take shape, new emotions are evoked and change is invited.

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