Observational Realities

Observational Realities is a sculpture installation commissioned by Clifford Chance. In association with the University of Arts London (UAL), Clifford Chance runs an annual sculpture award to support an artist at the completion of their postgraduate studies. Saroj Patel won the 2020 Clifford Chance Sculpture Award but due to the pandemic the installation was postponed until February 2022. 

Observational Realities is a site specific installation inspired by the light, reflections, time and space. It takes references from Indian rituals and traditions, Indian astrology and Saroj’s childhood experiences. 

‘What we call the planets are no more than points of light in the vast energy network, connected intricately by the subtle lines of force, linking the entire solar system into a single organism. Though the planets appear like small points of light in the distance, their energy fields are present on Earth, and they are responsible for many of the formations of the Earth life and of our own bodies and minds.’
David Frawley from the book ‘Astrology of the Seers: A Guide to Vedic/Hindu Astrology:’

The common name for a Marigold Flower in India is called ‘Genda’ also known as the Herb of the Sun. It’s widely used for rituals, puja and ceremonies within the Indian culture. The flower holds spiritual significance and represents the Sun - brightness and positive energy.

‘Mandala’ is a Sanskrit word meaning circle. It is symbolic in Hinduism representing different aspects of the universe. The circular designs in mandalas symbolise balance, transformation and interconnection of all things. In Hinduism it is also believed that by entering the mandala, you are guided through the cosmic process of transforming the universe within oneself.

Genda, 2022
Steel, cotton, Indian block printed fabric, bicycle wheel, old baby clothes, acrylic mirrors and glass beads.


Mandala, 2022
Steel, cotton, acrylic paint, Indian block printed fabric, old clothes, glass beads, Indian temple bells and ceramic beans.

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