Ocean Mother
Ocean Mother was an exhibition explores the untold stories and rich experiences of South Asian mothers and how these women navigate the complex tapestry of identity through the lens of motherhood.

Ocean of Emotions

Through intimate conversations with 26 South Asian mothers from the UK, artist Saroj Patel asked how histories, traditions, and culture shape their identities and discovered the active role they play in embracing and teaching their cultural heritage to their children. These extraordinary mothers break boundaries and craft new narratives for South Asian women.

This exhibition also delves into Saroj’s personal connection with her mother, Sushila, who was born and raised in Gujarat, India. Aged 19, Sushila embarked on a transformative journey, migrating to the UK and becoming a mother to three children by the time she turned 22.

Saroj’s mother faced struggle, loneliness, and conflict. Yet, her stories are woven together with threads of resilience and courage. Like many women of her era, her experiences inspire the next generation to forge new opportunities and more inclusive futures for themselves and their children.

For this exhibition Sushila wrote a song ‘Ocean of Emotions’ inspired by Saroj’s conversations with the South Asian mothers.

A special thank you goes to all the mothers that were involved in this project; Harsha Burton, Sarita Wilkes, Shazia Shoosmith, Nita Patel, Hema Mali, Mira Morar, Smita Patel, Sajini Rowland, Hina Patel Dhanji, Malinda Kaur, Remi Rana Allen, Soorya Gadkary, Lilly Sabir, Asma Mahmud Hashmi, Francesca Hewitt, Manjula Patel, Sushila Patel, Chandrika Patel, Sofia Barton, Priya Joi, Anjali Ramachandran, Sejal Parekh, Kashmira Patel, Mita Vaghela, Jal Hilson and Hema Mistry

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